Postman In Extra Fucks

Tube Video cover: Postman In Extra Fucks Knock, knock... it's time for a special delivery and we all know that The Postman Always Fucks Twice. Watch Mr Postie unload his sack as he fucks around town determined to bring you that big package that you've been waiting for. With his mailbag covered in spunk, fuck the stamps and just suck away as Triga delivers you another hard cock classic. This isn't second class - this is Triga doing what it does best. Return to sender? Fuck that, just fuck his brains out as only a Triga Postie knows how. So get those boxers down lads, and remember one thing: The Postman Always Fucks Twice. This special extended "extra time" edition features longer scenes and longer fast 'n furious fucking.
Release: 2011

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