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Tube Video cover: Raging Stallion - Stag homme - Abraham Al Malek Abraham is in three of the five scenes in the Stag Homme production bearing his name: Abraham Al Malek. Abraham is "brutally handsome," with a swarthy complexion, full beard, intriguing nose and a broad, hairy chest. His scenes parade not only his hot body and uncut cock, but his sexual versatility: one scene is all oral; in the others, he tops and he bottoms. Six horny Spaniards join him for 105 minutes of ball draining, ass stretching action. Damien Crosse employs Abraham as a lawn boy but doesn't want him to stop to cool off, so he ratchets up the heat by coercing sex on the freshly-mown lawn. Abraham and Dato Foland have an online encounter, but their lust is too big for cyberspace so they hook up on Dato's kitchen counter. Damien gloats over handsome Leo Domenico, who plays a prisoner willing to do anything to appease his angry captor. Abraham and Tomy Hawk are thugs hanging out, trying to beat the afternoon heat. Their solution? A garden hose and a blow job. Finally, Maikel Cash and Goran, white collar and blue collar, literally run into each other on the street. When Maikel drops a letter, Goran follows him to return it. His reward is a robust multi-position fuck. Stag Homme co-directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D'Macho have corralled enough cock for every butt, mouth and hand on the set and Abraham Al Malek is the guy who's cum is the glue holding it all together.

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