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Tube Video cover: Reds Under The Bed HD A hot compilation of nearly 3 hours' worth of ginger goodness! For all the redhead lovers out there! Triga has put together some of their hottest flame haired lads from the last few years with Reds Under the Bed - a nearly three-hour compilation plus one never-before-released scene. There was some geezer back in the day that stuck his hand in the burning bush and we think he certainly had the right idea. There are loads of red hot red bush in this horny film fit ginger muscle boy Darren gets gang banged in his cell; redhead Daddy Phil bangs his workmate in the back of his old tranny - and weve got the red head gang of Joey, Dean and Jay blowing their loads all over the shop as well as a host of other handsome reds. So if Ginger lads float your boat this is the film for you! More freckles and carrot-topped blokes than you can shake a stick at.
Release: 2018

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