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Tube Video cover: Rough Anal Secret While waiting for a taxi, Shane meets Adam on the street at night, and they both go to Shane’s home. Adam falls asleep almost immediately, but he does not go away without sex… Justin sometimes relaxes at his parents’ cottage, and there he met a gorgeous boy named Aiden. Both boys will quickly realize that they like the same things in sex… Adam and Lukas are university classmates. Lukas takes his school very seriously, but Adam does not so much. They both think about sex, including this afternoon. Justin works in a car wash in the parking lot of a shopping center. One day a surprise awaits him there – Victor. After almost a year, soccer player Shane will meet with Jayden, a boy whom he met during a soccer game in Slovakia. Jayden fell in love with Shane, and today he is arriving on a visit.
Release: 2016

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