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Tube Video cover: Rough Suck Dicks Collection Cocksucking is full of possibilities. It can be an artistic endeavor, a political action, an intimate form of communication, even a religious experience. It is also, of course, one of the finest sexual highs a man can have. If you've ever wrapped your lips around another man's dick and felt that throbbin', engorged flesh fill your mouth and breach your throat, opening you like nothing else can; or if you've ever nourished a fellow man, spilling your gooey DNA down his gullet into his waiting belly, then you know what I mean. For Suck Dick / Save the World 2 , I put some of the greediest boneheads I know together with some of the most impressively hung topmen around, and told them to simply follow their instincts. The result–from intensely personal and worshipful one-on-ones to the anonymous thrill of the gloryhole, from masters of their craft to the acolyte in training–is an ode to the full range and depth of cocksucking.
Release: 2011

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