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Tube Video cover: Rush vs Dragon Elite Male really blew up in late 2008 with the release of the Visconti Triplets first flick hood Secrets. While the beautiful Viscontis soldier on in their filmic careers, one of that flicks breakout stars was tattooed bodybuilder Jack Dragon. (His moving-limo sex scene ruled!) Here he takes on former Falcon exclusive Matthew Rush, and if you happen to dig either of these guys, or just get off watching two mega-bodied beefcakes rutting like in heat, their scene alone makes Rush vs. Dragon a very worthy entry. Jack and Matthews scene opens the film. Save for some brief conversation about Matthew watching a house while the owners are away and offering Jack a tour, theres no dialogue in the film. And it doesnt matter one bit. Matthew takes Jack through the (pretty amazing) house, ending up on the stairwells natural light-drenched lucite landing. Before you know it, both bodygods are deep kissing, groping each other through their bulging jeans, and doffing their shirts. Each guy looks fantastic, and without any musical score to get in the way, we hear every grunt, groan, and tongue plunge. Jack goes for Matthews crotch - who wouldnt? - and soon has both of their cocks in his hands. Theres some hot mutual cocksucking before Jack spins Matthew around and rims and fingerbangs the former Falcon studs rarely-plunged rosebud. Matthew goes nuts, plants a deep kiss on Jack, and blurts out "Lets go finish the tour" - naturally ending up in the master bedroom. Bam! Jack slaps a condom on his Dragon and Matthew is in a major Rush to get plowed. First standing up, then riding it on the bed, finally getting slammed side-saddle, Matthew talks a great dirty streak, and Jack - eyes bulging like a madman - plows the bitch outta Matthew before both blow their wads. Three other scenes round out the film: First up a great threeway, with two of the playthings being inked hotties. Aside from the hideous zebra-print sofa theyre to fuck on, the scene is quite good, ending with the inkless beefcake taking facial and oral loads from the inked-up dudes. Next up we open on a guy (who looks a tad like he could be a fourth Visconti ) inexplicably plunking away on a piano before being joined by a smooth, gym-built guy. (Note: The film is credited as being directed by both Joe Budai and Andrew Rosen. My assumption is that Rosen handled the Dragon/Rush scene in the U.S., while Budai helmed the other three scenes, which seem to have been shot in his native Hungary.) A towel is spread on the floor and both dudes soon start sucking and fucking, with piano-boy eventually taking a nice load in the mouth. The final scene features a glorious looking Dragon laying out poolside in a bulging Speedo as a shaved-headed more dy-esque guy shows up behind him. After some very erotic muscle worship, both head indoors to a hot tub, where plenty of deep-kissing, cocksucking, rimming, and ass-spelunking take place. The sound of the water splashing about coupled with shaved-headed bottom dudes moans was very pleasing, and it ends with both blowing their rather meager but obviously well-deserved loads. Small quibbles: First is obviously that despite the title, Rush only appears in one scene. The lack of dialogue in any other scene threw me a bit, as this feels more like a cobbled together production rather than a true "film." Lastly, I hate it when studios dont credit models. Would it really hurt so much to have a credit sequence at the end matching names to faces? (Ive bitched about this for years, as it drives not only us reviewers but paying consumers bat-shit crazy.) My small kvetching aside, the DVD features subdivided menus making access to oral, anal, and cumshots a breeze, theres a good photo gallery of stills (do people really watch these anymore?) and five great trailers, including plenty of drool-inducing looks at the Visconti Triplets. Oh, and Mr. Dragon definitely deserves a shout out: I met him in San Francisco at the 2009 GAYVN Awards, and hes even hotter (and nicer) in person.
Studio: Elite Male

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