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Tube Video cover: Skin-Maker Place: a container harbor. Two skinheads, cleanshaven enter into the scene. Respectively in jeans and camouflage trousers. Both of them know a good place where they can sprinkle and soil and use each others shaven heads.Meanwhile another skin observes two boys having piss-fun in a warehouse. Very soon the third skinhead joins the other two skins...That means trouble! First the third skin gets a "new haircut".They shave his head clean. Than he is ready to get fucked. Yellow piss-streams are splashing over his face and body. Great authentic outdoor-action and camera-work! German skins (no nazis) and young men doing their best. Megastrong - but no S+M.
Studio: EB-Video

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  • Runtime: 1:33:39
  • Added: 30-Jun-2017