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Tube Video cover: SOS is our story Sos is our story. Thanks to your statements and our differences, Sos recounts our with true realism ? the hunt for happiness, absolute tenderness, shared pleasures and the greatest love possible. In a piece of wasteland quite near your house, 14 young stallions full of the ardour of their twenties, gorgeous, full of energy, thirsty for experience, hugs and sex, mix with and fuck each other without limit in the bushes and around houses. No more taboos, no more The sporty one, the mason, the student, the workman, the businessman, the little chav and the boy of the family all live the same emotions. Cadinot witnesses an audacious performance and revisits the verve, freshness and innocence of his other cult films such as Sacre College, Les Minets Sauvages, Harem, and Gamins de Paris.

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