Spyboy vol.2 by Eurocreme ,DreamBoy

Tube Video cover: Spyboy vol.2 The latest release and another excellent movie. Great fun story and of course perfect production values. Some special features that will make this movie sell in large numbers - double ended fuck dildo scene, plus the bareback cum up the arse moment and cum in the mouth moments! 100 minutes of the best looking young studs in Europe. Get it now! Eurocreme's Spyboy series delivers a continuous stream of hot and hung lads, torrents of sexual spunk and seamen as well as extremely clever storywriting. The series' star, the slim and vibrant Chris Cooke, seems equally at home with screwing every guy he meets as he is panning clever dialogue. Nobody does it better! Spyboy 2 is an even hotter sequel to the already worthwhile Spyboy. Fans of the series will love seeing more of the dashing Chris Cooke. Neers can jump right in and they will love every minute of it. Pass the canapes and martinis.
Studio: Eurocreme ,DreamBoy

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