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Tube Video cover: The Best of Rough Orgies Whenever I see Marcus Iron’s name in the cast list for a video, I know I’m going to see at least one very good performance. This darkly handsome, supremely versatile and gifted performer possesses most of the attributes one looks for in a true porn star: a beautiful cock, a great ass, just the right amount (IMHO) of body hair, a strong libido, passion and a real enthusiasm for energetic sex. Falcon has included nine scenes in this anthology – from the Jocks and Mustang as well as the flagship Falcon line – and I defy you to watch them all without becoming a fan (if you weren’t one already). The final two scenes are inexplicably considered "bonus" scenes, perhaps because they are both the second scenes included from the films they represent. In his review of Serviced, from the Jocks line, Rad Video’s Bryan Holden had this to say: "Iron, as he does in all of his flicks, makes great eye contact, and always looks like he's having the time of his life. He's so intense, you'd swear that he's forgotten that he's on a porn set."
Release: 2006

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