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Tube Video cover: Tim Cumjunkie Dvd Jack Has Been Really Looking Forward To Working With Forrest, Especially Since He Is Such A Huge Fan Of His Big Ass. All Through The Interview, We Caught Jack Sneaking A Few Peeks At Forrest’S Ass. He Couldn’T Get His Hands Off Him! We Knew He Had Big Plans For Later. “Don’T Expect The Gentle Giant In Bed Because You’Re Not Gonna Get That. I’M Gonna Be A Little Rough With You.” Jack Let Forrest Know Right From The Get-Go, But Forrest Was Just As Excited To Get Roughed Up. “Finally, A Big Guy Who Can Handle Me Around A Little Bit!” Jack Sized Forrest Up, “You Got It Coming! I’M Going To Tear You Up!” Not Only Did Jack Want To Ravage Forrest’S Ass, He Also Wanted To Do A Little Something Extra For His Fans: Get A Finger Up His Butt! He Actually Really Enjoyed It. In The End, Jack Definitely Kept His Word And Gave Forrest The Cum-Filled Ride Of His Life!
Release: 2017

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