Unzipped Video – Dirty Jobs (2006)

Tube Video cover: Unzipped Video – Dirty Jobs (2006) Blue-collar painters Kris Anthony and Park Wiley take a break from painting a restroom in order to work on each other’s muscles, cocks, and assholes, leaving behind a thick coat of whitewash. The action is rugged as Kris tears off Park's overalls and gives him a thorough ass-licking before fucking his hole every which way, wearing only work boots. The guys become increasingly covered in white paint as their rugged ass grinding knocks over paint buckets from a nearby ladder. Kris sit on the nasty bathroom toilet as Park bounces up and down on his thick cock like a pogo stick. Talk about painting the town pink. Ty Hudson is an aggressive boss who orders his subordinate Brett Matthews to put in an extra hour of ass-pounding overtime. The work whistle may have blown, but the action has only begun as ties and button-down shirts come off and throbbing cocks rise to this occasion of lip-biting, bun-spreading, ass-sniffing, finger-fucking, deep-throating, and cock-up-the hole action. Asoka (the night janitor) discovers the fuck buddies and puts down his mop to add his burrito dick to this potluck of pleasure, or, if you prefer, a potfucker. Director Doug Jeffries delivers incredible butt hole close-ups, featuring every detail of the guys’ pink, puckered bungholes. In the scene’s grand finale, Ty Hudson eats his own cum. These grease-covered bike mechanics take off everything except their work boots to get off the main highway and begin an off-road trip. Forget dirt roads - think dirty sex! They pop boners instead of wheelies and begin the manliest ass-fucking ride of their lives. Latin boy Max Magnum takes a break from heavy labor and pulls his surprisingly huge cock out of his orange county jail jumpsuit for some private sexual release. Daddy Paul Carrigan catches the lad and teaches him the lesson of a lifetime. Paul plows Max's little body as if he is tenderizing veal. But the multi-skilled Paul can also squat, sweating like a rotisserie pig as Max drills his pink, hairy man hole."
Release: 2006

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