Way Down by Coxxx, Cazzo Films

Tube Video cover: Way Down The boy lives in a high rise flat, and it doesn't take a genius to work out that he is (a) going to be going all the way down in a narrative sense, and (b) his squeaky clean image is going to be dirtied.He gets a picture text inviting him to e down" and so he leaves the safety of his flat to explore an underground realm of labyrinthineplexity and utmost depravity. The things he sees and, eventually, partakes in here are indescribably weird, as is the film's mis-en-scene. What seems to be going on is that he is encountering his fantasies, be they relatively normal or out there in the extreme. Soon, the sheer weirdness of the film's visuals and the strangeness of the implications of the sexual situations the performers are indulging in have made it clear that we are watching something more than you average porno. A real statement about human sexuality, chaos, desire, randomness and the drive to is being laid out, in all its multifarious details, before our very eyes.
Studio: Coxxx, Cazzo Films

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