What I can't see vol.2 by Treasure Island

Tube Video cover: What I can't see vol.2 A blindfolded young preacher taking load after load from anonymous fuckers. A lean, sexy surfer backing his fine ass up to a gloryhole and hungrily taking jizz-loads from random cocks. A , man getting his first dose of sperm from a stud-top he'll never meet. All this and more in a raw over-the-top documentation of wild sex-driven men. Religion, , necessity, deep desire - What I can't see 2 is the pure deal: men going to a deeper level for cock and sperm. Through a gloryhole, on knock-out pills, blindfolded - they give up all control over who fucks them, following their ravenous asses regardless of where it takes them. "This video made itself: every scene is the result of a man writing or calling me to tell me what he wanted. All I had to do was get the camera there and point it. If you wanna see raw, spontaneous cock- hunger at work, this one is for you".
Studio: Treasure Island

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