X Offender Entertainment – Ritual HD (2010)

Tube Video cover: X Offender Entertainment – Ritual HD (2010) In Ritual, a late-night underground British cruising den comes alive with the sounds of brutal animalistic man-sex as eight raunchy studs put their fucked-up fantasies into action. Anonymous-sex addict Jed James puts on a blindfold and stands butt naked waiting to be used by anyone who wants a piece of him. It's not long before Dillon Buck and Darren Robins show up to take their turn and young Jed's fucked every which way by the two macho studs. Meanwhile, crazed exhibitionist Peter Dutch gets creative with his bag of toys, putting on a pumping butt-busting solo show that has him fucking himself stupid on the men's room floor. Muscle boy Jorge Ballantinos practices pool in the games room and ends up snookered over the table by Thierry Lamasse's massive cock. In a cramped dungeon in the depths of this labyrinth of sleaze, cute skinhead D.J. Ryder is tied to a chair and given the once over by leather top Warren Rodgers. Ritual is hard mansex at it filthy best!
Release: 2010

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