All Worlds Video – Winged (1997)

Tube Video cover: All Worlds Video – Winged (1997) Winged is a story about an angel whose mission is to show a mere mortal the meaning of lust in this comic sex romp from director Mike Donner. Hot sex, hard bodies and a lighthearted plot punctuate this fun video. Sit back and enjoy. Devilish angel Blade Thompson starts his mission proving to Jay Anthony that he does have a lot to offer to another man. Anthony has doubts. He slowly undresses before a mirror taking stock of his body. And a nice body it is. As he accesses his body, Thompson magically appears. The devilish angel asks him what he sees when he looks in the mirror. Anthony replies someone nobody wants. Thompson seeks to change his negative attitude. Anthony looks deep into his eyes to find he is desirable. Thompson seductively kisses his body kneeling down to mouth Anthony's dick. Anthony returns the favor inhaling Thompson's uncut meat. He sensually sucks and licks as he pays attention to the delectable foreskin.
Release: 1997

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