Basic Plumbing Pt 1

Tube Video cover: Basic Plumbing Pt 1 Total customer satisfaction is the policy for 'Basic Plumbers' Sean Davis and Barry Howard, whose financially strapped firm finds a new money-making gimmick in the stud service. Sean arrives on a routine service call from buffed Aaron Austin and discovers the real nature of the problem: he and partner Allen Stephenson want to be prodded by Sean's long tool. Tall Allen falls to his knees to service Sean as Sean chews on Aaron's fat log. Sean turns Aaron around to munch his bulbous backside as Allen mouths Aaron's cock. Sean then rams Allen as Allen continues to suck Aaron. found in compilation The Best of Sean Davis Partner Barry trains new hire Cody Foster in the 'Basic Plumbers' policy in the warehouse by a van. Cody, a compact brick house, has one of the juiciest, roundest butts in the business and it gets quite the workout as Sean returns to join the 69ing duo. Sean stuffs his immense rod into Cody's eminently fuckable behind. Blond and mustached Chase Hunter's lunch is interrupted by an urgent call from regular Tony DiAngelo. High tailing it over to Tony's club, Chase unclogs a urinal stuffed with the same dildo that was there the week before. Tony, in a moment of genuine, fine acting, ashamedly confesses to causing the problem himself in order to see his lust interest. Barking permission, Chase commands Tony to lick and suck to his delight, which he hungrily does as he rims Chase's firm behind, causing him to spurt his thick honey. They 69 lovingly before Chase rubs his huge boner between Tony's grasping ass cheeks then slowly pushes it in deep. Tall and rangy Erik Houston is at home playing with himself when his roommate, York Powers, enters to service his needs. Due to their almost twin-like appeal and fantastic, steamy, sweaty, and passionate love-making great oral action ensues as Erik fingers York's smooth behind with three fingers. York's expressions are sincere and real as he moans and his eyes roll backwards in his head. These versatile studs flip and mutually fuck each other with obvious joy and lustful abandon. Finally, we see the new corporate office of 'Basic Plumbers,' complete with overburdened secretary and fabulous decor, a success with their stud service.
Release: 1993

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