Buckshot - Triple Treat

Tube Video cover: Buckshot - Triple Treat Triple Treat: Take one classic blue Bentley, two insatiable playboys, a desert road and a hitchhiker with a heavy load. Mix well with an invitation to a very private party and you've got a three way cock tale, stirred, and definitely shakin'! Magic of Power: As Neal sleeps, he envisions the kind of man he most desires. How else but in a dream could he experience the magnificence of Vickers? His excitement rises as the tower of power changes from fantasy to flesh and sap with the feel, touch, and taste of reality. Especially the taste. Heads Up: We have all felt the tingle of excitement when the barber presses a bulging crotch against our arm. Loren gets to act out the fantasy with his new barber, Doug, that ends with a blow dry that he won't soon forget."

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