Cadinot - Seance Particuliere

Tube Video cover: Cadinot - Seance Particuliere Some of us dream of spending life in a relationship with a boyfriend. Others want to work in the "gay world". But are the two compatible when they come together? Faced with repeated and multiple temptation, can a relationship survive? A young photographer works with naked male model after whom he lusts. Every day he captures the beauty and eroticism that these young men offer his lens; are the incessant come-ons the source of stress in married life? Once love runs out, blame always lies with the other person. Newly single, the photographer becomes a hunter and once agains finds himself wandering around the hot-spots of Paris at night. Why this perilous and desperate pursuit for pleasure in all its forms when he has love available on a plate? Finally, a chance meeting with a young guy - full of vitality and feline sensuality - gives birth to a new and tender coupling.

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