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Tube Video cover: Das Raubenest The well-to-do German family (man, woman and two sons) move to a respectable German mansion of the early 20th century. One of the dark nights, one of the teenage sons walking with a flashlight in clean white panties in a nearby garbage dump (a very original storyline) is kidnapped by a group of guys of unintelligible social belongings (presumably "robbers"). "Robbers" quickly accustomed as it were still a virgin to the culture of oral gay sex. Soon with the "robbers" with the mediation of the first acquainted and the second boy. The guys together with the "thugs" commit a "daring raid" on a small campground in the forest. As a result of this unprecedented erotic operation, all the inhabitants of the tent camp join the "robbers". Suddenly the rain starts spoiling all plans and the guys invite the entire bandit campaign to their villa. The final action of the painting takes place inside the walls of the family mansion. I will not describe in detail all the scenes, they are many and they are very diverse. I will only say that in the very last scene of the film, a dancing round dance, a train of 14 boys in branded black and white T-shirts Mans Best leaves the studio (perhaps many saw this passage).
Studio: Man's Best / Action Boys

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