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Tube Video cover: Doin The Nasty Director Robert Prion always has his models Doin the Nasty. With a cast including seven newcummers, Prion is always looking for new talent. First, we have newcummers Eddie Simmons and Blake Landon taking a stroll by a waterfront. Blake says that he always gets horny when he goes by water, and he wastes no time at all showing Eddie just how horny he is! Back at home, the guys get into some heavy 69-ing and rimming, before they take turns fucking each other. They soon explode all over Blakes muscular chest. Newcummer Andrew Michaels is upset with Chet Addams, because Chet was supposed to help him move, and he arrived too late to help. Chet makes it up to Andrew in other ways by lifting him up in the air and sucking him before Chet plows Andrews round butt in several different positions, including lifting him up again in the air, and having Andrew sit on Chets long man-pole. The next scene is a five-some involving newcummers Blake Landon, Shane Christian and Mathias, along with Wicked and Scott Williams. Shane heard that he was in the presence of some of the biggest dicks in town, and wanted to make sure that he had heard right. Before long, he finds out that he was right by sucking on all of them! The guys quickly return the favor, and the orgy begins. After some incredible cock sucking by everyone, the guys take turns porking each other. It ends with all five jerking off and letting loose, with love-lava shooting allover the place. Jay Richards tells his friend on the phone that hes cold from shoveling snow, and that he needs a hot guy to warm him up. Enter sexy, young newcummer Tommy DeLuca, appearing like magic to a very grateful Jay, who cant believe his luck by sucking on Tommys long, thick dick. After some more sucking and rimming, Jay sits on Tommys pole, before Jay gets him back and fucks Tommys beautiful ass. Soon, Tommys chest is covered in cum. Finally, hot newcummer Slater Reed is looking for some hot raw sex from Blain Baxter and Dillion Daily. It doesnt take long for the guys to be all over each other. First, Blain fucks Slater, then Dillion takes over. It all ends with Dillion plowing Blain for all its worth.
Studio: Galaxy Pictures

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