Falcon - Through The Woods (480p)

Tube Video cover: Falcon - Through The Woods (480p) Bedtime story" takes on a whole new meaning, thanks to the creative dirty mind of director Chi Chi LaRue and his hot cast of characters led by studlet Pierre Fitch. Pierre plays a gay puppy version of Little Red Riding Hood, and no one has ever been more perfectly cast. Pierre's combination of innocent good looks and a voracious hunger for dick are the elements that hold this entire, fractured fairy tale together, and yes, he actually does wear a red hood (okay, a red hoodie, but it fits). Although I don't remember Red having a tall, good-looking and well-hung roommate in the original (those damn censors!) Pierre does in this version, and D.C. Chandler plays him. D.C. delays Pierre's trip to his 's house with a goodbye fuck. The scene gets rolling with Pierre's mouth working over D.C.'s long, uncut dick and low-hanging balls, and then D.C.'s reciprocates, slurping on Pierre's uncut cock. Another aspect of the scene that works beautifully is the contrast between the two studs in size and age. D.C. is easily a head taller than Pierre, and when D.C. fucks Pierre (after a hot rimming sequence where D.C. eats Pierre's tasty-looking ass), his dick looks like it just might not fit inside Pierre's tight little hole. But since Pierre is an adept, expert bottom, he's right at home on the receiving end of D.C.'s club. First Pierre takes it standing up from behind and later missionary. D.C. holds Pierre's legs wide for deeper penetration, and the shots of these studs fucking are great, varying from tight close-up to overhead, and my favorite, a shot of the length of Pierre's body while D.C.'s dick slides deep into his ass repeatedly. Pierre and D.C. make lots of great sex noise and dirty-talk as they progress, and I particularly love Pierre's throaty grunts when he's being plowed (true of him no matter who he's fucking), although he's surprisingly quiet when he shoots his load. D.C. stands astride him, and Pierre reaches up and strokes his cock until it explodes, drenching Pierre with cream...

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