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Tube Video cover: French Lieutenant's Boys This William Higgins 1983 Classic stars Bobby Madison, a handsome brunette with a huge boner. 80's Icon Doug Weston also joins in on the fun in this pre-condom audience favorite. Three poor French sailors miss their boat - and are trapped in LA! What will they do? 1. Lance Francois, Phillip Andre Lance Francois and Phillip Andre have a little rooftop fun in the sun. 2. Phillip Andre OgrAb, Bud Patrick OgrAt Phillip Andre and Bud Patrick have it out like cousins should. 3. Phillip Andre solo, Bud Patrick solo Phillip and Bud are jacking off separately under waterfalls. 4. Sergio Canali, Doug Weston Sergio Canali is a telegram delivery boy and when he delivers to Doug Weston he gets a great tip. 5. Cory Adams OgrAb, Bobby Madison OrgAt Cory Adams narrates a letter to Weston about how Cory picked up hitchhiker Bobby Madison on Maui and the two made out on a cliff by the ocean and then in a hotel room. 6. Lee Landis, Phillip Andre Andre gets robbed and beaten. Lee Landis helps him back to his house and offers Andre a blow job. 7. Sergio Canali, Bjorn Didier Serio Canali and friends are complaining about women when Bjorn Didier comes to collect paper money only to join in an orgy instead.
Studio: Laguna Pacific, Catalina Video

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