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Tube Video cover: Hot Truckin This is one of the few movies starring muscular Gordon Grant. Contrary to the popular notion that muscle men have small dicks, Gordon sports a big one. The story concerns two insatiable truckers and their tricks. Gordons sexy partner is Nick Rodgers disguised as a bearded Larry Le Blanc. With the pun intended, these two deliver their loads all over Los Angeles. Tough-looking Gordon, called Buck, sucks and fucks blue-collar types, first a carpenter, then a painter; both young, handsome and horny. While Buck is making his deliveries, Nick goes off to a mens room in a park and does a glory hole scene with model Johnny Dillon. To clarify a delivery, Nick tries to call the dispatcher, but cant reach him because hes beating off to phone sex before cumming on a mirror. The humpy truckers entice a bicyclist into the back of their truck for a three-way. On the road again, they pick up a hitchhiker. As you would expect, this early film is full of freewheeling sex, including more kissing and hairier men than are usually seen in todays videos. Unexpectedly, the style of anal sex is calmer than in present-day videotapes, theres less grimacing. Here, during fucking, the facial close-ups show contentedness, especially by those taking it in the ass from poker-face Buck. Sexual enjoyment and fulfillment (however temporary) is contrasted with endless sexual hunger.
Studio: Bijou

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