J.Brian's Four More Than Money by Bijou

Tube Video cover: J.Brian's Four More Than Money Based on Phil Andros' autobiographical novel, Stud, this ambitious, entertaining and sexually charged film is definitely a classic of early gay porn movies. Looking a bit like an Andy Warhol film, the film has faded color, but that is the only negative. The long-haired, easy-going hustler Phil (Markhum) is getting a (bad) blow-job (“Feels like I got myself a scraper.”) from a John and in an effort to keep hard and cum, he begins to think about the important men in his life. We then witness flashbacks to those guys and short (sexy) stories on each. There was his hunky JO buddy and his country boy love, Joe Nash, who ends up becoming a prostitute as well. The most memorable vignette however is his time with his nag-dicked black lover, Ray Jackson. Right before they first get it on, the guy says, “Ok honky, let's show what real integration is!” They become lovers, but when the black guy discovers that Phil's been getting other black dick up his ass, he and a bunch of gang bang him! The dialogue is great, the acting “interesting” and the sex quite hot.
Studio: Bijou

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