Maurice et les Garçons by French Art

Tube Video cover: Maurice et les Garçons A day in the life of a couple of boys. They love each other, but they are incurable hunters. Maurice's friend comes to visit. Near the station, Maurice is drawn by the park and its chicken - an escapade for Maurice as he forgets all about fidelity! But he is so cute, the little friend from the country. Disaster is brewing. At night, the sounds of noisy screwing from the two lovers attracts the shy friend. Timidly he joins them and is drawn into their games. Passion finally gives rise to jealousy. When Maurice goes shopping in town he has trouble in the changing rooms.... He stays away too long and at home there's time for his friend and friend to renew their acquaintance... A glimpse of the supreme beauty of youth as boys take lessons in mastering the art of pleasure.
Studio: French Art

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