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Tube Video cover: The Boys of Venice  (1979) Venice Beach, California provides a setting for five scenes. William Higgins' first try. 1. Roller Skates Eric Ryan , Derrick Stanton Skaters Eric Ryan and Derrick Stanton in a public bathroom by the beach. Derrick gets hurt and Eric tries to make him feel better. They are still wearing their skates as Derrick gets fucked. 2. The Photographer Scott Taylor solo Scott Taylor taking photos of himself while jacking off. 3. The Cowboy (Higgins) Clay Russell, Butch McAlister Clay Russell and Butch McAllister in their beach-front apartment. 4. Johnny Stone, Jimmy Young Johnny Stone and Jimmy Young in a truck by the ocean. 5. Disco Magic Emanuelle Bravos , Kip Noll The stunning Italian looking Emanuelle Bravos fantasizes about he and Kip Noll dancing in a disco. Suddenly they stop, stare at each other and grope. All the dancers disappear and the two kneel in front of each other and suck. On a pool table, Kip fucks Emanuelle on his back and then takes it doggie style himself. 6. Storeroom Eric Ryan, Guy DeSilva Eric Ryan goes home with Guy de Silva. Guy's wife, Darla Lee, cusses her husband out, stomps out and leaves the two alone to get Eric's ass pounded.
Studio: Catalina Video

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