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Tube Video cover: The Idol Hand In Hand If a per were to see only one sexually explicit gay film in his lifetime, The Idol should be that film! This incredible Tom DeSimone Hollywood-like production is the ultimate coming out story. It realistically and sensitively examines emotional, psychological and sexual exploration with honesty and a point of view, a rare accomplishment in adult film. Well-paced, well-edited, well-crafted and beautifully photographed, this film manages to appeal both to the crotch and the mind, thus establishing itself as a timeless classic that holds up to almost all of the productions made today. Furthermore, the sex scenes unfold naturally, with conversation leading to arousal, like in real life. The story develops characterization and highlights Gary (the beautiful and talented actor Kevin Redding), a college track star who seems to have it made except for the fact that hes frustrated by a girlfriend who wont put out and is confused by his blossoming interest in his fellow athletes.
Studio: Bijou

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