U.S. Male Studios – The Underboss (1998)

Tube Video cover: U.S. Male Studios – The Underboss (1998) Delving deep into the shady world of the mob, director Paul Barresi redefines the power and passion of erotica with stunning style, rich substance and boundry-breaking bravura in The Underboss. In a world of snitches, con games and back-room bargains, this eye-popping tapestry of bone-stiffening sex, heart-stopping suspense and jaw-dropping melodrama has no precedent, no peer, no equal. The Underboss is a magnificent, multi-generational epic that centers around "Mighty Joe", a beautiful professional fighter in the mob's pocket, who, after beating up a couple of reporters, gets thrown in the slammer. Mighty Joe's incarceration ignites a labyrinthine series of events that not only exposes the dark underpinnings of the mob's way of life but also threatens the very existence of his mentor, the powerful Underboss, played with razor-sharp perfection by Barresi himself. It's a cinematic mosaic of mystery, mayhem, mesmerizing style and unparrelled vision that really delivers a knock-out punch! The Underboss shocks and surprises right up to the last unforgettable frame. After all, in Mob-land, the only thing sweeter than sex is revenge!
Release: 1998

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