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Tube Video cover: Vivid Man Video - Moan (2001) Do you like scary, uh I mean, porny movies? Moan is a surprisingly effective - and at times quite funny - parody of the early-'90s teen slasher-pic craze. Some nice ass-reamings that are a lot louder than the Screams Drew Barrymore's woman lets out upon finding her girl gutted and hanging from a tree in Wes Craven's flick. (I feel your pain, girl.) To be honest, I found the plot to be a bit of a mess at times (confusing as hell, and how the man gets all that make-up off so fast is a question many a drag queen would like answered, I'm sure). Also, while some may find the themes of catching and "funny," it sort of put me off a bit. (How this thing won a "sex comedy" award is beyond me.) Pretty rough stuff for Vivid; "creepy" definitely figures in here. Still, Blake (Animus; Chapters) Harper, as always, looks fucking unbelievable (very Ben Affleck-like), Doug Jeffries proves why he's one of the best in the biz, and Ethan Marc slows down from running away from the law long enough for us to get a gander at his yummy boypussy. There's some great cocks on display, and the loads dumped are pretty impressive. In short, concentrate of the sex, ignore the "drama" and you'll cum heartily.

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