Wanted - Vol. 2 - (1980 Year)

Tube Video cover: Wanted - Vol. 2 - (1980 Year) Seagers can’t seem to take the sexual issues and hits Parker the next day, breaking himself free and traveling out on his own, only to get caught in a bear trap in the woods. Parker finds and frees him, with Seagers beginning to understand his “odd” buddy. Here, he is gang-used by Dan Noble and Rob Stevens. He also tells of an affair with a ranch hand, real-life lover Steve Taylor, in which he humps him with his balls. Camerawork is especially good in the lyrical barn segment as photography captures Al’s dripping wet blowjob for Taylor. Parker finally shows Seagers what it’s all about by giving him a memorable blow job, complete with Seagers’s well-acted restraint mixed with enjoyment. The photography is near perfect and the harmonica and guitar music is a welcome change from the typical disco beats heard in other films. A decidedly masculine production that’s at once both a classic and an ode to gay male sexuality.

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