Amazing Hungry Manholes

Tube Video cover: Amazing Hungry Manholes We told him about a quick way to earn some hard earned cash. Because Derek had never been with a guy before, we decided it would be best if he couldn't see what was about to happen to him. We wrapped his head in duct tape and unleashed Rock, who wasted little time opening up Derek's hole for a good anal assault. Derek did the best he could to take it like a man, but Rock's thick cock compelled him to whimper like a pussy boy. Our Satyr then shoved three glow-in-the-dark balls along with a flashlight into Derek's tight fuckhole. Derek's sphincter was completely confused as to what to do--clench or relax with balls and cock up his ass. Rock then plowed Derek's throat mercilessly. Derek tried every which way to escape, but Rock wouldn't have it. Derek's nothing more than a rag doll under Rock's control.
Release: 2013

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