An Eternity on the Edge

Tube Video cover: An Eternity on the Edge I kept sexy Mac on the edge, gasping, twitching and moaning, for what seemed like an eternity to him. We were alone, the camera on the tripod, and I had nothing better to do than spend the day tormenting a straight guy. His cock was rock hard, standing proud and tall, twitching and bouncing while he reputedly asked for permission, his body shuddering, lips trembling with pent up arousal and frustration. I tickled the head with my thumb and index finger, then used a vigorous, light stroked. This is a very long clip but I left it all in to show his prolonged torment. In the end I slowly took him over the edge with a tight, slow grip, watching him suffer as I enjoyed my power.
Release: 2016

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  • Added: 07-Dec-2017