Armageddon Fist Fuck

Tube Video cover: Armageddon Fist Fuck Nate is sitting on Tony's face jacking his thick cock when he moans out, 'you wanna stay here, you gotta earn your keep.' Tony doesn't want to be thrown back out into the throes of 'Arm-ageddon' so he takes on a total throat assault from Nate's massive rod. Nate wants all the attention so he gets on all fours and tells Tony, 'grease me up!' Going straight for Nate's prostate, Tony shoves his fist deep into Nate's abyss. Tony's works each fist into Nate making sure to stretch his hole to its absolute limits. Wanting total control, Nate gets up and descends straight down on Tony's arm. Tony still needs to prove he's worthy of staying so he gives Nate a sopping wet hummer while Nate rides his fist from up top. Nate decides to hand the reigns back over to Tony and lays back to give him complete access up inside of him. With Tony's fist nearly elbow deep inside of him, Nate rides Tony's arm one last time and strokes his cock until it explodes white ropes of cum into Tony's hungry mouth.
Release: 2018

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