Daddies & Pigs Vol. 1 by Red Eagle Films, Spunk Video

Tube Video cover: Daddies & Pigs Vol. 1 Daddies & Pigs is all about hardcore nasty sex without apologies. This hot video from director Wolfgang Bang focuses on fisting and buttplay with some light S&M thrown in for good measure. It starts out with bad cop Brad Wilder kidnapping innocent Fred Harry and takes him home to his dungeon where he puts him through the wringer. Fred Harry protests at first but his raging hard-on when tied to a bondage-table with Wilder working him over with floggers and hot wax reveals that it feels too good not to enjoy it. Brad works him over with some cock and ball electro-torture as well before he decides he is done.
Studio: Red Eagle Films, Spunk Video

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  • Added: 06-Dec-2017