Dude! Where's My Watch

Tube Video cover: Dude! Where's My Watch A black-gloved fist spirals its way into an ass that strains to accommodate it. The hole is ringed with lube and beads of sweat. The nutsack hanging low beneath is the same size as the fist. A few moments pass before the players are revealed. Naked, on his hands and knees, is Sebastian Keys. Tony Buff is the guy whose fist, and now wrist, is in Sebastian's ass. Tony's face emotes mischief and glee as he pumps his arm with slow twisting into Sebastian's warm recesses. He removes his fist, Sebastian shakes his booty and pops out his brilliant rosebud, which Tony pushes back into its hidden cavity. Tony wears pants, but his cock and balls protrude from the open fly. Whenever Tony has a free hand, he applies a few strokes to keep his cock hard and dripping. Tony pushes harder into Sebastian's ass. Sometimes the glove disappears.

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