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Tube Video cover: Elder Stewart and Patriarch Smith Initiation Cute young Elder Stewart is everything a Mormon boy should be: hes sweet, hes happy, hes handsome, hes submissive, and hes innocent. Or, he was innocent. His time in the mission field has been extremely educational. At the hands of his companion, non-members, and his priesthood leaders, the boy has been through about every sexual scenario imaginable. He has even gone down the Priesthood Stretcher, sliding his tight boy hole down on the massive butt plugs studding the bench. And that was just preparation for getting fucked by one of the highest presiding authorities, President Olsen. And its a good thing hed gone down the stretcher first. Now that he has proven himself to the men of The Order, they have agreed to allow him to join them. Elder Stewart is a little nervous about the rituals that will make him a true member of the highest priesthood, but he has already gone through several steps of induction, and hes excited that he is going to be washed and annointed by handsome Patriarch Smith. Since arriving at the mission home, hes been checking out the silver fox. But hes too shy to initiate anything himself. The very thought of being handled by the powerful, serious older man makes the boys dick ache. And the Patriarch is looking forward to the young elders initiation, too. He knows how adventurous the boy is, and he cant wait to milk a big load of cum out of his balls and spread it across the brow of the sweet boys head. When Elder Stewart arrives at the temple, Patriarch Smith is careful not to betray his excitement. Hes very formal with the young man, very authoritative, and he can see that his performance has the desired effect on the boy, who does exactly as he says. Elder Stewart feels completely exposed as the Patriarch begins to wash and anoint him. But he trusts the older man, and every time the Patriarchs fingers touch his skin, Elder Stewart swoons a little. The Patriarch is gentle when making contact with the boys body, only lingering a little longer than necessary every time he touches the boys sensitive skin. For his part, the Patriarch is surprised at how very boyish Elder Stewarts body looks. His pale skin is almost totally hairless, and thinly covers his toned youthful muscles. Elder Stewart cant help it, and before long hes sporting a sizable boner. Stewart looks up at the Patriarch for approval, noticing that his body has given the older man an erection. The handsome Patriarch happily takes hold of the young boys thick dick and starts working over his newest recruitas is required by the sacred ordinance.
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