Fist My Hole

Tube Video cover: Fist My Hole Tony Buff serves up a more intimate trio of fisting encounters in Save My Hole, in which the depth of the connection only compliments the depth of the penetration. Race Cooper’s magnificent muscular symmetry is in full display in all its flawless dusky beauty as he plays dual roles of fisting top and fisting bottom in separate scenes. Smiling Leo Forte, a piece of the rock himself, is the smiling top whose skilled manipulation of Race's ass reduces him to a mass of quivering muscle on top of a butcher-block table. Champ and Big Mike are burly bruisers, reminiscent of bodybuilders of yore, so it's appropriate that they satisfy their needs in a gym. Big muscle. Big machines. Big passion. Race returns to put Boyhous's ass through the wringer, enacting a cadence of moves that brings Boyhous's rose to full bursting bloom. Boyhous says thanks by fashioning a living masturbation toy with his hands for Race to assault with gusto
Release: 2012

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