Fistpack Pt 3 - Up For Grabs

Tube Video cover: Fistpack Pt 3 - Up For Grabs This amazing movie begins with a switch-hitting, dildo filled, fisting frenzy that culminates in the most spectacular 69 fisting segment ever filmed. Ever-open Simon Cox triumphs again (he has been called the Dark Prince of Fisting, and for good reason!) in a pairing with newcomer Xavier Vitale, a South Pacific Islander who can take everything in sight! With these two master fisters working on each other, you know that the action is Hot! No warm-ups here! No prancing around like girly boys at a high school prom--No Sir! These are men and they throw a fist fuck like a pair of championship boxers! This scene is a major piece of work--indeed, it is an entire movie unto itself: Dildos, three entire segments of switch-hitting fisting, and an entire 69 fisting segment! You could not ask for anything more!

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  • Added: 08-Aug-2018