Pumping Muscle - Dawson - Parts 2

Tube Video cover: Pumping Muscle - Dawson - Parts 2 It is not often you get a genuine sense of the naked commercialism that drives pornographers, sorry, videographers in output such as this: the individuals possessing this instinct are typically unseen and unnoticed, hidden in the background, away from peering, judgemental eyes. While few in the field challenge this norm, there are exceptions, such as Michael Galleta from BlackBoyAddictionz who, controversially and boldly, presents himself on camera exactly as he is: an exploiter of naked Black male flesh. On his BBA site, the pursuit of resistant subjects is the overriding concern, even moreso than the porn on display. Here, on the other hand, the photographer, "Peter", appears to believe that discretion is the better part of valor and takes great care to minimize his facial identity, even as he nonchalantly engages his subjects.
Release: 2018

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